Why I love Christmas | Blogmas #1

Happy Holidays everyone! It is officially December 1st which means it is basically Christmas. I hope everyone is as excited as I am. 

Christmas is hands down my favourite time of the year – I think it is a special period where you can be really festive, spend lots of time with family, friends, pet etc. and eat a tonne of chocolate with no judgement. So – Why do I love Christmas?! 

Probably the most important aspect of Christmas – since moving away and getting older I have a better appreciation for my family. I have always been close to my parents, sister & grandparents and Christmas is the perfect time everyone gets together. This year I am spending Christmas with my family down in Cornwall, as last year we spent Christmas with Matthew’s family and in our new home (we moved in last October). We always have a lot of fun at Christmas and it is great to be with everyone. 

My sister is adorable with her faux fur and Disney Greatest Hits deluxe CD!

Here we both are back in 2013 getting ready to go over to the grandparents house.

Max & Archie both appreciating their Christmas toys and all of us opening our presents.


There is SO much food over this period and comfort food is the best. Over this period it is getting really cold, especially here, it has been reaching -1 degrees. There is nothing better than a bowl full of mac n’ cheese. A few months back we bought a slow cooker which we are definitely going to put use and begin batch cooking. I always feel quite lazy when it comes to cooking, as our kitchen is quite cold and it takes forever. 

The tinned sweets. When I was younger you were not allowed to touch any of the tinned sweets until Christmas Day (bit unfair mum) and I am pretty sure she tells my dad off for attempting to open them. I usually go for the roses, celebrations & heroes – my favourite is the caramel barrel.

Fairy lights everywhere! They go up in the windows, around the fireplace, in the kitchen, just hanging up all over our house. Plus it looks super cosy. I get the throws, baubles, acorns and whatever ‘tacky’ decor I can get my hands on. Since moving here we have not really decorated the whole house, usually the front room, living room and bedroom. This year I am trying to make more of an effort to make the house look more christmassy!

One of the big decorations is obviously the Christmas tree (which we still have not put up!) and all the decorations which go on. Our tree is amazing, it is 7ft and is covered in snow and it is placed in the living room where we have a fireplace. It looks so christmassy coming back home with the tree covered in decorations & snow in the window.

Being Cosy 24/7:

Pretty certain November to January are pyjama months. Getting home from university at 3/4pm and instantly getting into my PJ’s, making a hot chocolate and catching up on Youtube and The Apprentice is what I live for. I am all about my comfort and over these few months I do not need to feel guilty about staying in my pyjama’s or wearing dressing gowns all the time.

Movies & TV:
I LOVE Christmas movies and there are now channels dedicated to Christmas movies such as: Channel 5 and Sky Movies. Me and Matthew tend to watch a movie every day leading up to Christmas Day. There is also a Christmas playlist on the kids section on Netflix (I think there are 59 in total) which is perfect to cuddle up in bed and watch when it is freezing outside.

Other Silly Things I Love:

  1. Christmas Jumpers
  2. Mince Pies
  3. Presents
  4. Wolly shoes
  5. Door Wreaths
  6. Cute wrapping paper
  7. Reindeer food
  8. Christmas Carols
  9. Mulled Wine
  10. No university
  11. Stockings
  12. Kids getting excited
  13. Christmas kitchenware
  14. Chance of snow!
  15. Magical


I hope you enjoyed reading this post – what do you guys love about Christmas? 


Paige .-.


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