Top 5 Christmas Movies | Blogmas #7

These are my current top 5 Christmas movies!

Christmas movies have always been a concrete tradition in my family; this year me and Matthew are watching one every single day leading up to Christmas (does not count if they are on normal T.V – some days I get to watch 2-3!). There is something about these movies which just bring the whole family together and all the movies I have listed do not get old. I am only listing my top 5 because I would just list them all and this post would go on forever & ever. 

1 – Grinch 
This is probably my most watched movie throughout Christmas; I always put it on when I am trying to fall asleep. It is funny, adorable (Cindy Lou is so cute) and there is so much snow. Also I really dislike the major – why on earth would you get him a shaver? I mean you are just asking for trouble!

2 – It’s a Wonderful Life
An ultimate Christmas classic. The story is beautiful and it really makes you think. Everything I watch the movie I just have a mini stroke of “wow, this is my life and I need to just live it and love my family more than life itself” moment. The whole message of the film is having that loyalty, closeness and right attitude towards others, rather than having a  ‘glamorising’ lifestyle. 

3 – Muppet’s Christmas Carol
I only saw this last year and it has instantly become a favourite. First of all it has the Muppet’s in – what more could you want? There is comedy, singing and their own little quirks to the original Christmas Carol novel by Charles Dickens. 

4 – Home Alone  
“I’m gonna give you to the count of ten, to get your, ugly, yella, no good keester off my property” – oh I love that scene! This movie is genius and although I have seen this movie like 100 times it still makes me laugh and cry a little at the end. Plus baby Macaulay Culkin is adorable. 

5 – Elf 
This film makes me so happy – I love Buddy. He has been brought up amongst Santa and his elves so he is a ‘human elf’ and really tries his hardest to be the best elf possible. Buddy ends up in New York in search of his father and ends up getting into mischief, falling in love and restoring Christmas faith. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post – What are your favourite Christmas Movies? 

Paige .-.

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