Studying Over Christmas | Blogmas #20

I am super excited for Christmas but I do need to bare in my mind that my exams start very shortly after I return. 


  1. Books 
    ➣ Majority of my modules are theory based which means I have a tonne of reading to get through every week. I have a few key readings for each module as well as further readings which I try to do. I have spent the last week and a half catching up on any readings I have missed so I have access to those notes. At the start of the year I created reading lists on Excel so I can change whether they have been completed or not. 
  2. Revision Schedule
    ➣ I never used to do this until I had to create a revision timetable over the holidays as part of my portfolio tasks last year. It definitely helped me track what days I was revising and other days I wasn’t. I have created a rough timetable which I will try to stick to.. but hey it’s the holidays. 
  3. OneNote 
    ➣ The best programme to EVER exist for studying. I use this throughout the semester organising my classes by tabs and importing lecture notes, key readings and whatever else is needed.
    ➣ For my exam revision I have made glossary, theorists, key dates, revision cards & mind-maps.
    ➣ My plan is to create a mind-map for each lecture when I am down in Cornwall. 

➣ I am travelling by coach down to Cornwall this year which will take 11 hours. YES 11 bloody hours. So I do try to use my time wisely by going over my notes via the OneNote app. I get really bad travel sickness so the only way I can get to relax is by listening to music, so I have downloaded some podcasts related to criminology as well as counselling/psychology topics. 

Phone Applications
There are a few applications I use on my phone to help me with my studies. 

  1. Memorise 
    ➣ I find this app really useful when I have had enough staring at my books and trying to retain information by endlessly talking to myself. 
  2. OneNote 
    ➣ This is where ALL of my work is stored so it is super helpful to just go over some things while out or in bed.
  3. Forest: Stay Focused
    ➣ Such a cute little app. The whole idea is you plant a tree when you need to set some time aside to work. You can set the time and even change the type of tree you would like to grow. The tree will grow more and more as you continue to work. BUT if you leave the app then your tree will die. 
  4. Spotify
    ➣ Classical playlists definitely help me to stay focused. I love listening to pop and old cheesey tunes but I just start singing & dancing so nothing is sticking inside my head. Then I get stressed out because I cannot focus and revise and get poor grades and sink into death. Dramatic
    ➣ A lot of people have created “study playlists” so there are plenty of different genres of music to suit your mood. 

Relax & Have Fun

➣ I think the most important part of all of this is to of course stay on top of your studies but to also enjoy your holidays. I do not plan to spend every waking moment revising because I have organised my time wisely (ehhh) and do have all the information I need. Luckily my exams are both multiple choice it means I need to memorise dates, theorists, criticisms, etc. which can become overwhelming. We come home on the 29th December so I have a little bit of time to myself when we get back to prepare for thoroughly!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
And if any of you studying over the Christmas period then good luck and enjoy the holidays (:

Paige .-.

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  1. Amy Lumberg
    12/20/2017 / 18:12

    I luckily don’t have exams in January but I do have deadlines so I’ll definitely need to get my head down and study! But like you said, it’s important to have some time off to enjoy the holidays 😊

    • 12/21/2017 / 16:42

      Ah that is very fortunate for you! I also have a deadline which is due the 8th January which is so annoying as my exams start that same week. Definitely – I have tried to get as much done as possible so I do not spend lots of time worrying over it! Good luck on your deadlines x

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