Reverse Bucket List

I had never heard of this until I read Kourtney’s post and as soon as I read it, I feel in love with the idea. 

The idea of a reverse bucket list is to reflect upon the achievements you have made throughout your life. By looking back on all of your achievements, no matter how big or small, it reminds you of what a wonderful and lovely human you actually are!

I have set myself a lot of goals that I want to accomplish in 2018, which I know will not be possible. I have a habit of setting myself targets which are too high and then I get very upset when I have not achieved half of them. I am the sort of person who constantly compares myself to others; I am not as smart as them, everybody is travelling, all my friends have graduated and so on.So I am going to list all of the achievements I have made so far as well as getting my mum’s input as she has been there for EVERYTHING. 

My Reverse Bucket List

  1. I got into university to study criminology, despite not getting the best a-level grades.
  2. Getting the bronze and silver award for the Duke of Edinburgh.
  3. Travelling to Jordan for 13 days with the school during year 12.
  4. Having Matthew in my life for almost 7 years!
  5. Moving to London to help out with my family after my granddad passed.
  6. Coming back into university despite dealing with a family bereavement which was one of the worst moments of my life.
  7. AND having to sit the foundation year.
  8. Making the decision to seek counselling a few times instead of ignoring my state of mind. 
  9. Owning pets! I have had 4 hamsters in last 3 years. 
  10. Renting my own property with my boyfriend at the age of 20.
  11. Starting a blog.
  12. Getting a 2:1 in my foundation year and currently averaging at a 2:1 in my first year.
  13. Becoming a Keele Mentor.

Additions From My Muma:

  1. Taking on a 16 week Mental Health Awareness course whilst completing my first year at university.
  2. Coping with mental health issues whilst going through college, family issues and starting university.
  3. Putting support in place at university with no embarrassment.
    ➣ I have a study support, things put in place with my tutors for the classrooms etc.
  4. Trying to get braces again.
    ➣ I suffered from lock jar after getting my braces fitted which meant my teeth have gone back.
  5. Almost failing college.
    ➣ I was not happy at college as I had to stay a year behind because I got ill whilst all my friends went off to university.
    ➣ Just felt very uncomfortable and not smart/good enough. 

Looking back upon all of these has made me realise that I have actually achieved a lot throughout my life. But I have seemed to have forgotten them and just compare myself to others which is frustrating. There is no shame in owning your achievements and I hope that when I look back on my 2018 bucket list I will not be disappointed.

Thank you Kourtney for the inspiration!
What do you guys think of a reverse bucket list? Would you make one, if so, what would be your biggest achievements that you’re proud of?

Paige .-.

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  1. 03/27/2018 / 03:11

    This is a beautiful list Paige. You should be very proud of all of your accomplishments. Stay positive and keeping going 😊

    • 03/28/2018 / 11:11

      Thank you! I am feeling a lot more prouder of myself and where I am at.

      – Paige

  2. 03/06/2019 / 15:21

    I am very impressed by this list and have to say that you can really be proud of what you already achieved, especially considering what obstacles were thrown your way! Keep going and hold your head high for what you accomplished. I am thinking about doing such a list as well, because I feel that I hold myself down quite often and I know that I can be blind for my own achievements sometimes.

    • 05/22/2019 / 14:15

      Thank you – I really appreciate it. I think everyone goes through that because we tend not to focus on ourselves but rather everything us. If you do write a list send me the link so I can check it out (:

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