Putting up the Tree | Blogmas #4

It has finally happened – the tree is up. It is officially Christmas in our house. 

Putting the Christmas tree up is one of my favourite parts of getting ready for Christmas. I think it just makes the room look and feel warm, festive and of course, cosy! 

Before we began getting the tree out we needed to tidy and reorganise the living room. We had a sofa which was separated into two sections; one by the window and the other on the opposite side of the room. So moving all that was a bloody pain. Then I saw my opportunity to decorate the window sill with all Christmas stuff! 

Got this plant pot from Tesco which was £8 and it is basically a mini Christmas tree (it lights up!) – I just need to remember to water it…all the plants seem to die in my house. Thrown a strip of tinsel around the base and got a couple of figurines, candles and a photo of us! I also have a couple of small stockings hung up where the window opens. I do plan to get some window stickers and perhaps some more tinsel. 

Then I moved on to the fireplace – last year I did not decorate it whatsoever and realised it was a wasted opportunity. 

Majority of these items are from B&M and the other little bits are from Tesco. We still have our Snowman stockings from last year and I also discovered those adorable Christmas jumpers bunting which was at the bottom of the decorations bag (completely forgot I had them!). Once again, thrown some tinsel around the bottom and just tried to make it look festive. Got a Christmas wreath, festival initial candles and LED candles too. The coca cola ornament should be on the tree but unfortunately it is damaged and it was a present from my Nanna! 

After all that we done, we got the box out and tested all the lights. 

I say ‘we’ but I clearly did buggar all. Matthew got the tree out and set it all up. After the lights were on, we realised we needed more so we left it for the day. Popped down B&M and got 400 warm lights and they are just magical. 

Whilst putting decorating our tree we had some lovely Christmas music on in the background – ah it just makes me feel so festive and happy. Here are a few shots of our tree up close; got some mini stockings and copper, silver, reddish & a few black baubles. 

The Finished Product!!!

I think it is amazing so I am happy! We still need to buy some more tinsel as it only covers the top half of the tree. And I am printing some photos out for some photo baubles I got which I think will be a nice touch. Our living room is looking very festive! Now I just need to start on the front room and bedroom. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Paige .-.

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