Pushing the Boundaries | Mental Health Week

As you may be aware, this week has been Mental Health Awareness week and although I have not be active on my blog, I have pushed myself a lot.

The theme for this year has been stress, as the majority of mental health illnesses have stress intertwined with them. I know from my own personal experience, that a high amount of stress can cause me to slump, become depressed and incredibly overwhelmed to the point I stop taking care about myself. Stress is not good for you physically or mentally – so making sure I keep it at bay helps to focus more.Β 

I wanted to do a lot more on my blog for this week but I honestly have not stopped from the 11th of May! I am going through exams, deadlines and other personal things.

As the theme is stress I thought I would try to push myself during this week to try and overcome these anxieties I have. This week I had a lot of phone calls to make, places to go, exams to sit and keep my general mental health stable/healthy.

These are all things I accomplished this week and I am super proud of myself!

  1. Sitting my first exam on 14th May
  2. Phoning the dentist and FINALLY booking myself in for an appointment
  3. Submitting exceptional circumstances for all my modules
  4. Contacting module leaders regarding those ECs
  5. Setting up a meeting with the head of exam board
  6. Sitting my 2nd exam on the 18th May
  7. Walking to B&M in a bodycon dress
    ➣ I NEVER wear dresses which show my bare legs, so it was a pretty big deal for me.
  8. Going for an interview; and feeling pretty calm throughout
  9. Sorting out our front garden
  10. Having proper meals for tea
  11. Green tea instead of pop
  12. Not working past 8pm!

I have achieved a lot, and I am not saying any of this has been easy. I have a skin condition called dermatitis, which is kinda like ezcema but only on my hands. Whenever I get stressed then my hands flare up with little spots that are so frickin’ itchy and sore. So my hands over the last few weeks have been red, blotchy, itchy and some have blistered – which is not cute.Β  If you have not already, then check out this post which is some ongoing things that are happening which have caused great stress and upset over the last week or two. Plus it will explain my lack of activity of blogging.

And just because I managed to achieve quite a lot this week, can be the complete opposite next week. Tomorrow onwards is going to be even more hectic as I have 4 deadlines due on the same day, a final exam, a funeral to attend, meeting with the head of exams and another interview. The only days I have free are Tuesday, which will be filled with revision!

I will be so glad when this week is over, and I will not have to worry about exams/deadlines until I get my results. It will a chance to just relax and spend time with my family.

Make sure you give yourself a break, because you cannot do everything. I seem to think I can, which I think is my downfall.

Take Care,


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  1. tylerbelle
    05/25/2018 / 15:59

    Wow! Way to go 😊😊 I definitely struggle with stress and in return anxiety as well. Your list of things you completed is amazing, it would take a lot from me to complete that. Keep up the great work, your are definitely an inspiration!

    • 05/27/2018 / 11:45

      Thank you! It has been a busy couple of weeks, so I felt proud I was able to use that as my own personal motivation. (:

    • 05/27/2018 / 11:45

      Thank you! I do continue to blog, and hopefully I will find my way.

    • 05/27/2018 / 12:36

      Thank you very much (:

    • 05/29/2018 / 11:41

      Thank you! I 100% agree – makes me feel so much more productive and that I can do quite a bit.

  2. 05/27/2018 / 14:54

    Congratulations! Too often we forget to give ourselves credit for the little things. I’m glad you accomplished these things, way to go! ❀️❀️

    • 05/29/2018 / 11:40

      Thank you! Yeah you are right – I often do not give myself a pat on the back for achieving small things, so it is important to acknowledge them.

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