Our new fridge

We got a beautiful new fridge!

On Thursday 12th October we had a new fridge installed as our old one had a few issues with it.

First of all, the dial did not work properly so if you turned it up a tad then all the food would freeze.If it was turned down, then the food would become soggy. Our old fridge was pretty much a 80:20 ratio, which meant our freezer was tiny. This was quite an issue for us, as we tended to buy more frozen stuff than fresh food (lots of it went to waste and we wanted to start bulk cooking). ALSO, the light inside the fridge did not work which frustrated the living life out of me. 

The guy came over on the 10th October to measure the space and ask us what we wanted. We asked if it was possible to get something bigger…like a 50:50 ratio!

Two days later and the guy came round to install our fridge and take the old one away. I was at university for the whole day so Matthew was able to see it first, which made me insanely jealous. He wouldn’t even take any photos of it so I could get that ‘wow factor’ when I got home. 


Look at these photos!

                                       *Front and side view of the fridge – photos don’t do it any justice. 

                         I have no photos of  the fridge without the magnets as Matthew did not take any*


Lets look inside!










                        *Looks relatively healthy for once! IT LIGHTS UP AND I CAN SEE THE FOOD!*

Details about the fridge: 

The brand is a Lec TS55172W (whatever that means) and here are some specs if you are interested!

  • Width = 550mm 
  • Depth = 575mm
  • Height = 1710mm 
  • Volume of Fresh Food = 154
  • Volume of Freezer = 97 
  • Noise = 42dBA 
  • 2 Glass shelves + fruit/veggie draw 
  • 4 Freezer departments 

That is all I had to say about my fridge. I love my fridge. It is amazing. 

Have a wonderful day ^.^ 

Paige .-.

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