November Favourites

Here are all the things I have bought this past month which I have needed for my house, some bargains and impulse buys!

Majority of these items were bought during October so I am merging them together. Mainly because Christmas is approaching quite rapidly and I am trying to not buy lots of non-essential things.

Homeware Items:

  1. Lime, Basil & Mandarin candle | Aldi | £3.99
  2. Vanilla & Coconut, Fresh Lily and Jasmine wax melts | B&M | £2.99 each
    ➣ These are probably the nicest wax melts I have bought over the past couple of months. You get 12 in a pack and each melt lasts around 6 to 8 hours. They all have strong fragrances and it does ACTUALLY fill the room up. Always end up stocking up on these whenever I go into B&M.
    ➣ Little tip: Break the melts in half to make them last longer!
  3. Peach & Passion fruit and Spiced Berries & Apple candle | Tesco | £1 each


  1. Copper Fruit Basket | B&M | £2.99
      ➣FINALLY BOUGHT A FRUIT BASKET! I am now an official adult doing adult things. Been after a fruit basket since October 2016 when we first moved into our house, but I found they were SO expensive. I am not paying £6 and up to put some fruit in a bowl. I was so happy when I found this is B&M and it suits my colour scheme for my kitchen (which is ALL copper)
  2. Brown Woven Basket | Tesco | £1.75
    ➣I bought 3 of these baskets while they were on offer. I find them so useful! I have one in my study desk to keep all my pens, staplers, tape etc. organised. Another which has Matthew’s PS4 games in by the TV (ALSO FITS THE JOY PADS IN! Bloody marvellous). And the final one which is being used to place candles, melts & incenses in.


  1. Warm Apple & Cinnamon Candle | Home Bargains | £2.99
  2. Light Up Box | Tesco | £14
    ➣ Been after one of these for AGES. I adore these so much; although I love anything that lights up (the amount of fairy lights I have in my house is ridiculous). The only reason I bought this was because Matthew had double discount recently for Tesco and some coupons. I do think these boxes are quite expensive for what (I find everything expensive so)


  1. Pink Hooded Poncho | Tesco | £18; Now £14.40
    ➣ Completely worth the money. I am so stingy when it comes to buying new clothes for myself. I either shop in charity shops, wait for gift cards from birthday & Christmas, let Matthew buy it (I am awful) or until the sale price is TOO GOOD. I did splurge a bit, but it is winter and the poncho is SO soft. Plus it’s baby pink.
  2. Brown Ribbed Long Sleeve Top | Primark | £6
    ➣ SO COMFY
    ➣ Super flattering
    ➣ Enough said.
  3. Black Corduroy Skirt | Primark | £8
    ➣ Recently I have been obsessed with skirts like these in EVERY colour. This skirt was quite cheap (£8.. I mean, come on!) and it fits nicely. The only issue I have found is that whenever I walk the skirt begins to ride up and makes a weird shape at my crotch area….


  1. Jammy Red Roo Wine | Tesco | £7
    ➣ Bought this wine last year to take round Matthew’s mums on Christmas day to drink. Usually I hate red wine, but this is delicious. Apparently it is infused with berries, chocolate and jam (although to me, it tastes like standard wine.. but sweeter). So we got a few bottles to have over New Year’s and I will most likely buy some when I go down to Cornwall for Christmas at my parents.
    ➣ Again; purchased these bottles when we had double discount!
  2. Bioshock Collection PS4 | CEX | £20
    ➣ We bought this with our CEX vouchers and it was £25 at the time; now £20 on their website. Bioshock is one of my favourite games aesthetically and the story is really really good. It’s brilliantly done and has a great level of creepiness to the whole game. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I bought… because that was very informative and interesting!  How did you guys treat yourself this month? Or are you budgeting wisely to get ready for Black Friday deals & Christmas shopping? 

 Paige .-.

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