November Charity Finds

 I have decided to start a monthly ‘Charity Finds’ because I tend to shop in charity shops quite often. We always find such cool, unusual and lovely pieces. I also feel it is very important to be buying from charity shops because you find good quality items and the money goes towards charities that are helping animals, families, mental health etc. 

These are the things I have found this month:


  1. Roger. M. Allen – Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia | 50p
    ➣ Book 1 of the Corellian Trilogy
  2. Michael P. Kube-McDowell – Star Wars: Before the Storm | 50p
    ➣Book 1 from the Black Fleet Crisis
  3. Michael P. Kube-McDowell – Star Wars: Shield of Lies | 50p
    ➣ Book 2 from the Black Fleet Crisis
  4. Kevin J. Anderson – Star Wars: Darksaber | 50p
  5. Kristine K. Rusch – Star Wars: The New Rebellion | 50p
  6. Barbara Hambly – Star Wars: Children of the Jedi | 50p


  1. Nick Hornby – About a Boy | £1
  2. Lee Evans –The Life of Lee | 99p


  • Cosy Green Jumper | £1.50
    ➣ Such a lovely winter colour; oversized (is it a size S/8 – men’s section) and has elastic on the wrist and waist section so it fits really nicely.

  • Burgundy Suede Skirt | £6.99
    ➣ Spotted this on the mannequin and got the lady to tell me the size so I could purchase it. The skirt is SO pretty! Although it is a size 6 (was a bit hesitant to buy it because I have not fit into a size 6 skirt/jeans/dress in quite a while!) it does fit really well. It is not too tight and does not ride up at the crotch – which is something I seem to have issues with currently.

  • Bomber Jacket | £3.00
    ➣I still do not know if I like this; but Matthew originally grabbed this for himself (so it is a shared piece). I LOVE the colour and the oversized feel, but I feel it is a little too shiny. The jacket is quite padded, which is handy for whenever I pop to the COOP – quick to dress, comfy, warm and has those autumnal feels to it (I look like an actual leaf).


  1. 3 One Aromatic Insense Sticks | £1.79 each
    ➣ All of these insense smell amazing; I know these were purchased from Oxfam which were part of the Fair Trade display.
  2. Festive Fig & Plum Insense Sticks | 99p each
    ➣ These were purchased from the Cancer Research shop – every time we go down town we always pop into here and grab some.


I hope you enjoyed this post, take care!

Paige .-.

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