New Beauty Products & Eyebrow Stencilling

A mini beauty haul of the products I have purchased for this month (how expensive is make up?!), and stencilling my eyebrows for the first time. 

I have recently gotten into more beauty products as well as trying to commit to a daily skin routine (ehh). I do struggle a lot with my self esteem and I have never fully committed into wearing make up because I get easily frustrated when it goes wrong. After reading numerous blog reviews on make up as well as watching make up tutorials for fun – like the wonderful Roxxsaurus & Gabriella. I feel I kinda understand what I need to buy for the look I am aiming for. Therefore I decided to invest in some products for this month. 

All of this has come about because I decided to cut my hair off after 5 years of growing it out. The main reason for doing this was because I bleached the ends a while back and although my hair was almost at my hips, it was ALL unhealthy and basically dead. So I decided to cut my hair off, by using kitchen scissors. Surprisingly it turned out alright. The next thing I wanted to do was style my eyebrows. I would go and get them threaded but I have such a fear of anybody touching my face (hence I cut my hair off myself). 

My hair evolution… the first photo was taken in September 2017, the middle was after Christmas (my auntie had cut my hair) and I finished it off when I arrived back home which has been on my Instagram for quite some time now! 

Stencilling my Eyebrows:

I purchased the stencils and the Barry M Kohl white eyeliner off Amazon. I used the C6 stencil which is the third one down. I had quite a few issues because I kept poking myself in the eye whilst holding it in place.. I am sorry if close up of eyes freak you out, so beware of the photos below!

This is my eyebrow before (oh lordy). I rarely pluck my eyebrows because I used to pluck them SO much when small eyebrows were the ‘in’ thing back in 2007. I coloured in the stencil using the white eyeliner and just plucked away the ones which were not highlighted. 

The Result!

No bushy eyebrows! Yay! I am very happy how they turned out. For the price of the stencils at £2.99, it was definitely worth the money!  

New Beauty Products

1.  Super Stay 24H Full Coverage Foundation – Maybelline
➣ I haven’t tried this product out yet as I need to swap for a lighter colour. But I did a lot of research on different foundation types and this sounds perfect for my skin type. 

2. Mosaic Bronze Glow – Collection
➣ I was genuinely surprised how pigmented and smooth this product was. I find that a lot of bronzers do not work on my skin, I have very fair skin and I end up looking quite dark on my cheeks compared to the rest of my face! For £2.99 you cannot go wrong with this!

3. Speedy Highlighter – Collection
➣ I LOVE this. I thought this would be a bit meh as it was one of the cheapest highlighters I could find. But it looks great!

4. Stronger Nails: Nail Nurse – Rimmel London
➣ I bought this product ages ago but didn’t use it properly. You apply a coat everyday for a week and then remove all of the product to reveal healthy and stronger nails. I am currently on day 5 and my nails feel a lot stronger – I managed to wash up yesterday with hot water and NO cracks or bendy nails.
➣ I could not find the exact one but found an alternative which includes a top coat. I paid £3.50 for mine; which was reduced in Sainsburys! 

5. Moroccan Oil Treatment
➣ I got this product from my Christmas beauty advent calendar and it makes my hair so shiny, smooth and it feels healthy. Plus it smells amazing. And you do not have to wash it out – just a small pea sized amount and apply to the ends up to your roots. I will definitely be buying a bigger version of this because it has changed my hair for the better. 


I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you have any make up suggestions to try out for a beginner, then please let me know.

Paige .-.

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