Nanna’s Christmas Grotto | Blogmas #3

I visited my lovely dear old Nanna recently and her flat has been turned into a mini Christmas grotto! My Nanna always puts her decorations up straight after Halloween – she is Christmas mad & we love her for it. 

The majority of this post will just be photos taken from my Nan’s apartment! All of the decorations seen are from the living room and the random decorations at the bottom are from the hallway and kitchen.

I asked my Nan a few questions to find out why she loves Christmas! 

  1. Why do you love Christmas so much? 
    ➣ Really enjoy the run up to Christmas; attending all the parties and getting the opportunity to dress up. (My Nanna is usually the only one dressed up wherever she goes).
    ➣ Family day; Nanna usually swaps between her two daughters and getting to see all the grand kids!
    ➣ Going around the shops and seeing the decorations there – it is a nice warm feeling.
    ➣ People seem a lot friendlier.
  2. What is your favourite part of Christmas?
    ➣ Getting all dressed up; Christmas jumpers, brooches, earrings.. THE LOT.
    ➣ Knitting away all my snowman, Santa’s & candy canes (My Nanna knits pretty much 24/7.. she can knit when she is watching TV!).
    3. Any amazing memories around this time?
    ➣ “When my two daughters were quite young and we all went into Exmouth market on Christmas eve. My husband went wandering and lost the family and when they found him a bit later the kids swore blind that my husband was drunk because he bought anything they asked for. So this started our Christmas eve tradition of trying to get dad to have a drink so they’d get loads of gifts!”


Middle of the Room:

 I find it funny and quite adorable how my granddad (who HATES Christmas – apparently) would buy my Nan a new ornament every year to add to her collection.

Centre Pieces:
Nanna has two centre pieces which are situated on the table in the living room.

The first is: 
 Adorable elves & Santa ice skating at their house.

The second is: 
 A small house where Santa lives and there is a little train going through the tunnel with presents.

Other Decorations:

I hope this little post made you feel more Christmassy! Matthew and I are still in the process of putting all our decorations up – good thing we tested our lights before putting them on the tree & decorating it! 

Take Care!
Paige .-.



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