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It has felt so nice reflecting on the traditions I do with my family and how I have made them apart of mine and Matthew’s Christmas too.

As mentioned before, Christmas for me is one of the best times to spend time with family. The amount of love I have for all of my family is just overwhelming. 

My parents have used the traditions I will be mentioning since me and my sister were babies. It is so strange now that I live in my own house that those traditions are not as prominent. Last year we spent Christmas with Matthew’s family and the whole day was so different to how my family spend Christmas. I am not saying it was horrible, because the food and company was amazing. I think I just felt a bit lost because I am so close to my parents & grandparents, that spending Christmas without them was just weird.

This year we are going down to Cornwall (9 days to go) to spend Christmas with all of my family. I am so excited to see everyone & raid my mum’s sweet tubs before Christmas Eve. 

Parents House

Run up to Christmas Day

Christmas Tree 

➣ The tree goes up on the 1st December and my mum has recently been decorating her tree with Disney ornaments.
➣ It is her DREAM to own a complete Disney themed Christmas tree.

Christmas Movies 
➣ Throughout the whole of December we will watch as many Christmas movies as possible. My mum is obsessed with the Christmas movies you get on TV during the day – she’s watched them all!

Movie Day 
➣ On Christmas Eve we will have a movie day in front room with hot chocolates and Christmas themed PJ’s. As well as this, mum will finally let us open a tub of sweets.

➣ After me and my sister have gone to bed my dad puts a stocking on our bed filled with little gifts. This year I practically begged my mum to do it and that means Matthew gets one too!

Christmas Day

Maddie and I will wake up early so we can unwrap our presents in the stockings. Then I will get my sister to wake up our parents, because my dad is such a Grinch that he will deliberately stay in bed so we cannot open our presents. We always open up our presents from youngest to eldest, with dear old mum recording everything. Mum lets Archie open his doggy stocking early because he tends to get excited and starts running back and forth over all the presents. Dad is in charge of the black bag for the wrapping paper which is a special job that keeps the operation in order. My dad also controls the TV in the morning so we usually end up watching Jeremy Kyle whilst opening presents – proper Grinch.

Fry Up
After presents are all opened we have a fry up!

Soon as we have eaten the fry up, it is time to get ready and get out the door to head over to the grandparents house. Grandma and mum cook Christmas dinner which includes chicken, lamb, turkey and a three bird roast.

Christmas Games
 Then the day is ended by us all playing a game; usually Trivial Pursuit.

Boxing Day:

Second Christmas Dinner
➣ Mum cooks another mini Christmas dinner where the 4 of us spend some quality time with one another. 

➣ As we are all rushing to get out the door on Christmas Day we usually do not get time to open our presents and play with them (especially when we were younger).

➣ Family movies, onesies, sweets and quiet!

Our Home

Run Up to Christmas Day:

➣ One of the great things of being a lot older is getting the chance to buy presents for everyone. We both start organising and shopping in November so we are not rushing around later on. This year we have managed to finish ALL of our Christmas shopping before December even begun.

Christmas Movies
➣ Both agreed to watch a Christmas movie everyday from December 1st.

The Tree
➣ Our tree goes up on the first week of December – I have a whole post dedicated to our beautiful tree here

Food Preparation
➣ I will go out a week before Christmas to stock up on Christmas food for the dinner I make for us. If we spend Christmas in our home then we’ll have a proper Christmas dinner on Boxing Day as Matthew tends to work over this period. However, this year we will not be having our own Christmas dinner so I will most likely cook one for New Years Eve.

Stocking Challenge
➣ We both have £10 to go into Poundland & Charity shops to fill each other’s stocking.

A Present
➣ We both give each other a little present on Christmas Eve.

➣ Ok I cannot exactly count this as a tradition but for the past 2 years it has snowed where we lived.

Christmas Day:
➣ We haven’t really made any Christmas Day traditions yet as last year we spent the day with Matthew’s family, and this year it’ll be spent with my parents. So I guess we will be alternating each year! But we spend the morning opening our presents, we start with the stockings first and then the one’s under the tree. 

Boxing Day:

I spend half the day cooking Christmas dinner for us both, as Matthew tends to work on Boxing Day. Then we sit down at our very fancy table watching Harry Potter next to the fireplace. The amount of food we get through is impressive; both end up lounging out watching a movie with food babies. But at least we have lots of food left over for our New Years Eve feast! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any Christmas traditions you stick to each year?

Paige .-.

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