Getting My Motivation & Focus Back

For the past few weeks I have completely gone into a slump. Even attempting to complete this post is exhausting sigh. 

From the end of October until the beginning of November I have completely lost all motivation in everything I usually do. It has felt like my mind has been completely empty. Everything I need to do is just exhausting and so overwhelming. I have also been quick sick which didn’t help the situation –  on top of feeling mentally tired, I had a runny nose and a stupid cough which niggled at me 24/7. Also dealing with a few family issues which are continuing to worsen. THE STRESS.

My usual way of dealing with this is just distancing myself from everything and everyone until I feel confident enough to get back to reality. I must admit, I did that for at least a week and a half which included missing ALL my lectures (only 2 tutorials though, which is good considering) and letting the house get messy.

However, I am very fortunate enough to have a loving and supportive boyfriend who is there for me 24/7 (despite being an emotionless toad). And my family. Gosh I love my bloody family. I am so lucky to have such amazing parents. To be able to video call my mother whenever I am feeling down really makes me feel happier.

I am slowly getting myself back on track and going to be setting myself some goals (some silly, practical & self-love) which will hopefully make me feel better mentally. As well as get myself focused and prepared for the my deadlines (end of November) and exam season.


Mini Goals Until 2018:

  • Finish essay plans ✅
  • Get all deadlines in (a few days before, if possible!) ✅
  • XMAS shopping done before end of November
  • Use a face mask weekly
  • Sort out my mentor support for university ✅
  • Brush my hair daily
  • Get a hair cut
  • Catch up on readings ✅
  • Organise cupboards in the kitchen ✅
  • Colour my nails every other week 
  • Increase intake of green tea ✅
  • Apply to become Student Ambassador ✅
  • Purchase tickets home for XMAS ✅
  • Get Christmas blog posts started ✅
  • Revision cards/booklets for exam season (before 20th December)
  • Drink more water
  • Stop eating so many biscuits (my skin…awful)
  • Attend all lectures & tutorials until the end of Semester 
  • Apply to become a Keele Mentor ✅
  • Get new doors fitted ✅

Little Reminder

It does NOT matter if I do not complete my list of goals. As long as I am happy and healthy then it is all OK!

Otherwise the self-loathing of sticking to nothing will haunt me and I will never get anything done!



Do you guys have any techniques you do to get out of a ‘slump’? And have you set yourself goals for the rest of the year? IF SO – have you stuck to them so far?


Paige .-.

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