Christmas Jumpers | Blogmas #6

Ah Christmas jumpers makes me feel really Christmassy – especially when everyone else are wearing there’s and I do not look so mad.

I own a lot of Christmas jumpers and these are my top 5 – I wear them all throughout the week as they all quite baggy, comfy and warm. It is getting really cold where I Iive so they are perfect to layer up. Just to mention, all of the jumpers are from a few years back and a size medium (some men’s medium).

1 – PS4 Christmas Jumper

➣ One of my favourite Christmas jumpers just because it is so oversized on me and is so comfy. It is from the brand Numskull and they have loads of great gaming related merchandise. The specific top is available on their website as well as amazon.

2 – Speckled Jumper

➣ This jumper is very appropriate for Christmas because the speckles look like snow! I only have the one photo of this because it doesn’t really show up whenever I captured it on myself. 

➣ It was purchased from Primark around 4 years ago and is still in great condition – I wear this quite a lot throughout the year. 

3 – Batman Christmas Jumper

➣ Probably one of the softest jumpers I own. It is a dark shade of blue and has little Batman figurines surrounded my Christmas trees. There is no design on the back, which kinda disappoints me – I like going a little over the top with my Christmas jumpers! The brand of the jumper says “Gildan Heavy Bland” and you can purchase it from Amazon for under £15 which is quite cheap. I do not know how much I paid for it because I bought this years ago! 

4 – Disney Christmas Jumper

➣ I LOVE the design of this jumper, mainly because I am completely obsessed with Disney. The top was purchased from Topman (originally Matthew’s) and is no longer available to buy unfortunately. Although this jumper has a really cool design, it is quite heavy and a little rough on my skin. 

5 – Patterned Jumper

➣ Another jumper I wear all year round – goes amazing with a pair of dungarees over the top. It is so soft, warm and cosy! I really like how the colours are quite pastelly, because a lot of my wardrobe is black & grey. This was bought a few years back from Tesco & is no longer available. Although they do have similar designs and I really love Tesco’s jumpers – plus the majority of their clothing is reasonably priced!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Cannot believe I have successfully posted 6 days in a row for blogmas (doesn’t sound that amazing when you write it down, but it has been difficult). 

Do you have any favourite jumpers you wear especially for Christmas? If so, send me a link – I am always looking to add to my collection!


Paige .-.

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