Christmas Decorating with the Grandparents | Blogmas #21

Matthew and I had the lovelist day with my grandparents, where we helped put up their christmas decorations.

This is the first Christmas Matthew and I are spending with my family and I am super excited! I begged my grandpa back in September to wait until we came down so we could decorate the tree. I really cherish the time I get to spend with my family, especially my grandparents, so it was lovely to be able to decorate the house all together and get prepared for Christmas day. 

My grandpa told me ages ago that he had all the decorations, lights, etc. ready to go. When we arrived there all of this stuff was in the loft! And he said that he’d tested all of the lights a few years ago but NONE of the lights that we brought down bloody worked. After testing out 9 different sets of lights we finally found 300 multicoloured worth to decorate the tree with. 

My grandparents aren’t big on tinsel so the only colour which covers all of the tree is purple; but I think it looks quite festive and nice. 

Grandpa decorated the mirror in the living room which looks like the inside of one of those ice bars you find in London. I threw some tinsel over the fireplace with this ceramic JOY figurine. 

In the conservatory I placed a Snowman and a sleigh (Santa is somewhere in the house) which light up. There are also some lights wedged in between the flower pots which I think will look nice in the evening. 

After we had decorated the living room, Matthew organised the lights to go in the kitchen as we’ll be eating our Christmas dinner there. Then my sister, Maddie, had to finish up grandpa’s present which is a homemade scrapbook! So we got creative and took some photos to add. 

Then Matthew and I set up another tree in my auntie’s room for when she got home from work. Hopefully she’ll like her new tree, although I forgot to add the lights… and I have no idea where they went after I tidied up the living room.

These are my adorable grandparents in their Christmas hats looking so so so cute and sweet. 




I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Paige .-.

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