Christmas Day Outfits | Blogmas #24

Christmas is upon us, and I love to dress up for the occasion. Here are some of the outfits I have picked out for this year.

I have picked out my favourite 5 outfits that I would wear over the Christmas holidays and they are ranked from ‘fanciest’ to the most comfiest. As much as I love to dress up on Christmas Day, I end up taking a spare set of clothes over to my grandparents house because within an hour I need to get some PJ’s on my body. 

Outfit 1:

I found this dress in the charity shop yesterday when Matthew and I wandered around town. It is a size 10 so I need to pin the arms in slightly, otherwise it appears baggy around the armpits… and that is not a good look. The shoes I borrowed from my mum as she said they looked nice with the dress. I would probably wear this dress with my ankle boots. 

Dress | Charity Shop | £7.99

Tights | Primark | £2

Shoes | ASOS – Similar | £12.50

Outfit 2:

This is what I plan to wear on Christmas Day (it was going to be the jumper dress) as I think it looks cute and is surprisingly comfy. 

Top | ASOS | £6.99

Skirt | Newlook  Similar | £15

Tights | Primark | £2

Shoes | H&M | N/A

Outfit 3:

You cannot go wrong with a nice pair of dungarees and heeled booties. 

Dungarees | Topshop | £39.99

Top | Primark | £6

Tights | Primark | £2

Shoes | Newlook Similar | £44.99

Outfit 4:

Obviously Christmas jumpers are a must wear! The great thing about them is that you can dress them up or down which I have tried to do with my pair of jeans and a cute denim skirt borrowed from my sister. 

Jumper | Newlook | N/A

Jeans | Newlook | £12

Skirt | Newlook | N/A

Tights | Primark | £2

Shoes | H&M | N/A

Outfit 5:

Hands down the comfiest outfit of all. The dress is so soft and is a good length which I struggle with as my legs are quite long. The knee highs are borrowed from my mum and they honestly make me feel like Jack Sparrow. A pair of ankle boots or black flats would go perfectly with this outfit. 

This was the outfit I planned on wearing for Christmas Day purely because it so comfy but still looks nice. However, my grandparents always have the heating on high so I would melt away completely in this.

Dress | Primark | £12.99

Tights | Primark | £2

Shoes | Newlook – Similar | £34.99

I hope you enjoyed this post! Only one more sleep to do until Christmas Day and I am so excited! 
Merry Christmas to you all

Paige .-.


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  1. 01/02/2018 / 04:15

    I love outfit three 😊

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