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It has definitely been a while since I have blogged, or actually logged into my dashboard. 

I have completely forgotten how to write… and I keep having monologue conversations in my head on how to even begin this post (it is like trying to write an essay after months of not writing and thinking). 

I am happy to be back to blogging (let’s see how long it lasts) and getting back on to my website which was a nightmare in itself as it almost made me quit completely. Someone thought it would be fab to buy my old domain name – if you were not aware I used to be “” – so I had to purchase a new domain and manually migrate everything from “.com” to “” and it was a nightmare. 

There are a few reasons why I decided to kinda drop this which was due to family, mental health and university. As mentioned before I am dealing with several family illnesses which just created distress, uncertainty and bad days where I would just lay on the sofa and zone out. Which, as you can guess, will make your mental health even worse. BUT I am coming to an end to my counselling with Healthy Minds and my mindset is changing; which I hope to share my experiences with you in a few weeks time. And of course, university. That is a sore subject to be honest, which again I will discuss my experiences of semester 1 and 2 of my second year. 

Anyway, my blog is up and running and I have not yet encountered any issues… so you guys experience any problems getting access to links/other blog posts then please let me know. 

Paige .-.

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