Baking Disaster & Wrapping Presents | Blogmas #10

I did not post yesterday – I cannot believe I let the stress of baking stop me from writing up my blog post. 

I suck at baking. 

I planned to make 4 things; a salted caramel cake, Santa cookies, mince pies & Christmas themed cupcakes. 

Got everything bought and ready to go – the cake & cookies were box made (although I planned to make another batch of cookies using a basic recipe). 

Started with the cake first as I had to split it in two – found out I did not have the proper size cake tins and just plopped it all together and hoped for the best. Got the cookies and mince pie pastry sorted while that was cooking; the cookies had a 30 min chill time while the mince pies had an hour. After 30 minutes my pastry was no where near ready to roll but I got too frustrated and attempted to anyway. I managed to make 2 stars which are more like concrete shortbread.

I think the cake looked more like a lopsided Yorkshire pudding or massive mince pie. 

So today I planned to frost my cake, make my own Christmas themed cupcakes as well as FINALLY wrap up Matthew’s Christmas presents.

The cake turned out really nice, least it doesn’t look like a botched up pudding anymore.

My cupcakes were in the oven whilst I was frosting my cake.

Here are all of my cakes fully baked!

The recipes I used:

  1. Christmas Themed Cupcakes 
  2. Mince Pies 

After I made my cake and cupcakes, I wrapped up all of Matthew’s presents so I could get them under the tree. I have done a gift a day and now he is like 5 behind (least he’ll get more gifts on Christmas day!). 


This was not a very blogmassy post but I have managed to get a lot of stuff done and also plan the rest of my posts for a few days. I was quite organised for last week as I had an essay due, so wanted to get enough posts ready to go! HOWEVER, this did not go according to plan and now I am behind… damn it.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you feel you are a much better baker than I am or ever will be.


Paige .-.

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