3 Year Anniversary – About us & Day in the Life

It was our 3 year anniversary yesterday – yaaaaay another year he has put up with me! Find out how we met and what we got up to on our special day!

               *Back in February 2017 when we surprised my sister for her 18th birthday!*

Matthew and I have known each other for over 5 years now, which is scary – that is HALF A DECADE! We met through the internet, back in the old MSN days. Every time I think about that I just cringe, I used to talk like “wubup2” all the time and I have no idea how Matthew put up with that for so long. Anyhoo, we would speak for hours and hours – watching Big Brother and horror movies together. At the time I was finishing my GCSE exams and going into college so I was pretty busy from 8am to 4/5pm and Matthew back then, would work late shifts. Yet we still found time to make sure we were there for each other – he became my best friend. 

I remember the first time we swapped numbers and neither of us sent that ‘first’ initial text because we just spoke all the time via MSN. He logged off one night and I just felt lonely and really wanted to talk to him, but had no idea how… I HAD HIS PHONE NUMBER. GET IT TOGETHER GIRL! I had no idea what to say (which is stupid) and I just ended up saying something about a moth in my room. And that is how texting became a thing between us.

By the second year of college I was deciding on universities and Matthew suggested Keele University. When it came to submitting my application via UCAS, all of my university options/choices were Keele University – luckily I got in! I moved into halls for my first year (2014/2015) and hated it instantly, which resulted in me moving in with Matthew for the duration of semester 1 and 2. 

Shortly after I moved to London in 2015 we began arranging our future together. I got back into university at Keele and we found our own house and bought 2 hamsters. 


So that is the story of our relationship… young woman falling in love at 17 when she said she would never have a boyfriend until the end of university with a caring man who worked his butt off.                                                                              (Cheese at its finest). 


Present Day:

Our anniversary was really lovely this year. Usually we go out the week before and buy each other cute gifts with a romantic card filled with sweet words about our undying love for each other. This year we decided to keep it low key and have a night to ourselves without any gimmicks. Although I did get a gift (was a Christmas gift) which was a locket we found down in Cornwall in February. 

*Quick Story Time* 

During our trip down Cornwall, we went into all the local shops in town and found a really old shop which was filled with dusty books, jewellery and just so many hidden treasures. I spotted a locket in the cabinet and fell in love with it – Matthew offered to buy it for me but being like my usual self, I said it did not matter. As we were walking back from town I changed my mind and subtlety hinted I wanted it (not so subtle really) and walked back to the shop to buy it. THE SHOP WAS CLOSED AND IT WAS ONLY 2:30PM! I was absolutely devastated. 

We travelled down to Cornwall again in September to visit my family before I began university again. A few days in we went hunting for the locket down town – IT WAS IN. Matthew bought it for me and said I could have it for our anniversary. 

                                                                                                                   *Early Christmas present – My gorgeous locket*

Back to the day:

We planned to go out for lunch but ended up waking up quite late, so we planned to make our own lunch, tea and dessert together. First of all we spent almost an hour finding quick, delicious and ‘gourmet recipes’ for our tea and dessert. This is what we decided with:

  • Lunch:

    ➸ Yorkshire Puddies (Blueberries, strawberries & currants) 

  • Tea:

    ➸ Steak

    ➸ Scalloped potatoes

    ➸ Caesar salad

  • Dessert:

    ➸ Oreo milkshake

With our shopping list in hand, we left the house and walked down to our local Sainsburys. The shopping trip took FOREVER because I kept getting sidetracked by the clothes sale rack, home-ware sales and a clipboard I found which was so GORGEOUS, but £7… no thank you! I did find a top in the sale which I had been after since August. It is an adorable daisy shirt got it for £9. 


After we got home, we put all the shopping away and began making a late lunch. Matthew baked some healthy oatmeal cupcakes and we had some mac & cheese which we picked up at the bargain aisle. Then we just started watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes before we began cooking our “gourmet” meal. The scalloped potatoes took an hour to cook so we were peeling and slicing potatoes while watching the movie – the romance is real. Overall the meal turned out AMAZING and was so delicious. Once we had finished tea we began watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.


                                          *It may look a sloppy mess, but it was delicious*

I had a wonderful day and it was nice to have a cosy day in with homemade food and a few movies. I bloomin’ love this man more than words could describe. 

That was a REALLY long post – but I hope you enjoyed getting to know us better”

Paige .-.

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